Code of Conduct Business Partner



  1. Business Partners and Scope

Our business partners play a key role in shaping the success of Green Game. In doing so, cooperative behavior creates lasting business relationships that are characterized by mutual benefit.

We acknowledge our responsibility for the economic, ecological and social impacts of our actions. At the same time, we also expect our business partners to be aware of the consequences of their actions, especially when it comes to working conditions and human rights, diversity, sustainability and integrity.

With this document, we present our expectations of responsible business and the actions of our business partners. Green Game expects all business partners to demonstrate integrity and responsibility, which means that they adhere to this Code of Conduct, applicable laws and regulations, and their contractual obligations to Green Game.


  1. Working Conditions, Human Rights and Diversity

Respect for human rights is essential for Green Game and the basis of all business relationships. Our business partners ensure compliance with internationally recognized human rights and ensure fair working conditions.

2.1          Working conditions and working hours

Our business partners ensure that the working conditions for their employees comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Working hours, including, but not limited to, overtime and rest period requirements, shall be in accordance with applicable laws or applicable collective agreements. The requirements of the International Labor Organization (ILO) are supported, with the aim of providing the greatest possible protection for health, safety and well-being.

2.2          Wages and benefits

Business partners ensure that the minimum wages applicable by law are not undercut. In countries without a statutory minimum wage, wages for regular full-time work must be sufficient to meet basic needs.

2.3          Prohibition of forced labour, child labour and protection of young workers

No economic activity based on forced labour is tolerated. In addition to human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery, this includes any type of work or service that is demanded of a person under threat of undue consequence and for which he or she has not voluntarily made himself available. All forms of inadmissible child labour must be prevented at all times. Young people aged 16 and over may only be recruited if the nature or circumstances of the work do not endanger the young people concerned.

2.4          Diversity, Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities

Green Game expects its business partners to support this diversity at all levels and to prevent discrimination. Discrimination is an unjustified difference in treatment and the disadvantage of a person on the basis of an ascribed or actual characteristic. Business partners actively oppose any form of discrimination or harassment based on disability, age, physical appearance, actual or ascribed ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation or identity. The aim should be to perceive and combat discrimination at the interpersonal level. The business partners ensure a non-discriminatory working and business environment.

2.5          Severe disability and accessibility

Business partners are committed to respecting the rights of disabled people and ensuring a barrier-free working environment.

2.6          Sexual harassment

No form of sexual harassment within or outside of our business relationship will be tolerated. This includes, among other things, sexualised comments, e-mails and chat messages with sexualised content, as well as unwanted touching and even sexualised violence. Actions or comments are sexually harassing if they are unwanted, one-sided and transgressive in a sexualizing manner.

  1. Sustainability Management

Every business partner is aware that their business activities have an impact on our environment and that the earth’s resources are limited. Within the business relationship with Green Game, this problem is addressed and processes and solutions are developed to limit the negative consequences to future generations.

3.1          Impact on the environment

Business partners aim to reduce their CO2 footprint. In addition, our business partners strive to act in a resource-saving manner in their everyday work and to train their employees in sustainable action. In particular, in the procurement of raw materials as well as in the upstream chain of his/her product or service, principles of resource minimization and environmental protection are applied. The development, production, use phase and subsequent recovery of products and other activities take into account the prevention of waste, reuse, recycling and the safe, environmentally friendly disposal of residual waste, chemicals and wastewater.

3.2          Sustainable alternative

The aim should be to identify and implement increasingly sustainable alternatives. We always appreciate it when our business partners suggest more sustainable alternatives and question their processes accordingly.

  1. Integrity and Intellectual Property

We conduct our business with the utmost integrity and ethics. We expect the same from all our business partners.

4.1          Conflict

We expect our business partners to disclose to us if there is or is a conflict of interest that affects or could affect us.

4.2          Protection of intellectual property

We are aware that intellectual property is a valuable asset and the basis for the success of any company. We are therefore committed to protecting the intellectual property of our business partners at all times. At the same time, we expect every business partner to protect the intellectual property of Green Game and its affiliates, not to disclose it to the outside world, and to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. In order to protect intellectual property, the business partners undertake to comply with all provisions of copyright, trademark, design and patent law. We understand intellectual property to mean all products of an intellectual nature, regardless of their commercial value.

4.3          Confidential Information

In cooperation with customers, many insights into confidential information are gained, such as ideas, planning, developments, designs, know-how. Business partners are aware that this places a great deal of trust in them. The confidential handling of this information is therefore elementary for us and the business partner. The business partners therefore undertake to keep all confidential information strictly confidential at all times, regardless of whether they are contractually obliged to do so or not. This also means that confidential information is carefully stored, not disclosed to unauthorized persons, and that all confidential information is only used for the agreed business purposes.

4.4          Anti-corruption

We do not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption and expect the same from business partners and subcontractors. No transactions that have been initiated or are carried out by unfair means will be accepted. The business partners strive to ensure that all business decisions are based on objective and fair principles and that no undue influences are taken into account. Our business partners shall not offer or accept any improper benefits to third parties, including us, in order to obtain or retain business or to benefit from preferential treatment. Such improper benefits may include gifts of money, pleasure trips or vacations, luxury goods, hidden commissions, or similar payments. The business partners undertake and require in their business partnerships that reports, records and invoices are accurate and complete and do not contain false or misleading information.

4.5          Fair Trade and Competition

We are committed and expect all our business partners to comply with all applicable fair trade, competition and antitrust laws. No collusion or agreement may be entered into that unduly impedes competition. This includes, in particular, agreements between competitors on prices, discounts, markets and customers.

The business partners will never exchange confidential or sensitive information in competition and will comply with all obligations regarding confidentiality of information.

4.6          Insider trading

We expect all our business partners not to use any inside information, in particular not about our customers or suppliers, when trading securities or other tradable financial instruments, and not to disclose inside information to others for such purposes. Inside information is defined as any information that is not publicly known, but which, if it becomes known, could have a significant impact on the market or the price of securities or other financial instruments.

4.7          Money laundering

Business partners are committed to the highest possible integrity and only work with reputable business partners who are only involved in legitimate business activities. They take their obligation to prevent money laundering seriously and review their transactions with customers for money laundering prevention when deemed appropriate or required by law.

4.8          Export Controls

Business partners comply with all applicable provisions of the Foreign Trade and Payments Act and observe applicable economic embargoes, sanctions lists and import and export control regulations.

  1. Privacy

We define data protection as protection against improper processing of personal data and the protection of individuals to informational self-determination, which is also enshrined in the Basic Law.

5.1          Privacy policy

As a matter of principle, our business partners only collect and process data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and all applicable laws. The basic principles of the General Data Protection Regulation, including data minimization, purpose limitation and storage limitation, are of great importance to business partners. The aim is to achieve a high degree of transparency and data economy.

5.2          Handling of personal data

When collecting, storing, processing or transmitting personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number, date of birth, information about the state of health, IP addresses, etc.) of employees, customers, other third parties or on behalf of customers, we take the utmost care and strict confidentiality as well as comply with applicable laws and regulations.

5.3          Conscious handling of data and information

The business partners commit themselves to a data protection concept that takes into account the rights of any data subjects and their obligations as a company and takes into account the principle of data economy.

  1. Consequences and implementation

6.1          Reporting and Handling Violations

Consistent adherence to this Code of Conduct is essential for a business relationship with Green Game. All business partners are jointly responsible for this.

If a business partner has concerns or complaints about the points listed in this Code of Conduct, or knowledge of a suspected or actual violation, he/she shall immediately submit this for clarification.

6.2          Implementation and review

We expect our business partners to provide us with all relevant information upon request to verify compliance with this Code of Conduct. Green Game also reserves the right to engage an independent third party of our choice and to provide them with the information received in order to carry out this audit.

Lack of cooperation and/or violations of this Code of Conduct may lead to a reduction in business with business partners and ultimately to the end of the business relationship with Green Game.